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By (registered) | Posted June 02, 2020 at 11:49:33

The Spec may not have time to fact check every statement submitted, but clearly, ridiculous claims (99.9%) should be supported by some sort of reality check. If someone claimed in a letter (hypothetically speaking of course) that drinking a cleanser was an antidote to Covid, would the Spec print it? Of course not because that would be injurious to your health and might give people crazy ideas that they may decide to act upon. Taking this further, if they publish patently false ideas about a bike share program, and help to kill it, that also could be considered deleterious to the health of citizens who would like to use it, as well as benefits that accrue from reduced air and noise pollution from vehicles, reduced danger to cyclists and pedestrians and other drivers, reduced wear and tear on our roads etc. Requiring silly claims to be backed by evidence would effectively weed out the absurdist, intellectually lazy letters that ultimately have a negative affect on the City and its citizens. Brett, you should actually submit this to the Spec. Editor Paul Berton has a regular column on different facets of the newspaper publishing business (p.2) and this could be fodder for another of his columns. Grant Ranalli

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