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By Frank (registered) | Posted October 19, 2007 at 10:11:37

Rusty, if you take the assinine comment personally then you must be assuming that people don't want to drive because you don't want to. Read the sentence as a whole. The argument that people shouldn't drive because you don't want to is the assinine thing...not you personally.

I happen to take issue with people who think we can move forward with the infrastructure that we have. Working for the city for a while and having friends who work in the planning department gives me a little insight into the processes. I'm disgusted by many of them. But when the city takes steps to move in the right direction and people disrespect that, it makes me angry. We shouldn't be making negative comments about everything simply because we can.

BTW recently I met one of the guys who works for ITrans, the company who, among other things, does the traffic studies for Smart Centres and mentioned to him that I didn't like Smart Centres. He clammed up pretty quickly... I think I might contact him to find out what's going on down by the QEW on Centennial.

As far as your approach to city planning issues... Have you spoken to the city planners about the RHCE? Have you gotten the drawings for the expressway? Have you taken a look down the expressway? Until you do, it's hard to make an argument. I used to be against the RHCE because of the same issues your raising. I emailed the lead engineer and got the drawings, did extensive research on the project, toured the expressway and changed my mind.

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