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By ASmith (registered) | Posted November 08, 2019 at 07:00:48

Other than making some people feel good about themselves, our carbon tax will do nothing to reduce world CO2 output...

This is an all in or nothing solution. Canada can't do anything by itself and pretending it can is insanity. In 2017, Canada's output of CO2 was 700 Mega tonnes. To put that in perspective, world output of CO2 increased by double that, 1.4 Giga tonnes just between 2016-18.

The question I have is, if climate change is an existential threat, why are we treating it like any other issue? In 1943, at the height of WWII, Canada spent 37% of GDP on defeating our enemies. Yet, according to the Feds, 90% of the carbon tax revenue is being sent back so consumers.

If we even dedicated 1% of GDP to fighting climate change (energy production, carbon sequestration), that would amount to $23B. Yet, in 2023, the amount of carbon tax not going back to consumers amounts to just $600M. I may be missing something, but if we spent 37%/GDP fighting Nazis ($850 Billion in today's dollars), spending just $600M fighting climate change seems ridiculously low.

So, one of two things must be true. Either we're all doomed, or climate change is not an existential threat. Either way, in 12 years, if life is pretty much the same as today, the climate change crowd is done, politically at least.

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