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By Rabbitupnorth (registered) | Posted September 02, 2019 at 09:54:47

It is deeply disturbing that we have no leadership in the City of Hamilton. The Mayor makes mealy mouth statements. The police Chief seeks first to protect the police service before upholding his mandate to protect the public. The only real leadership comes from the community itself.

Pride day was disrupted by hate groups, yet police were not only not present at the event, but slow to react, and when they did they proceeded against community members protesting the neo-Nazis, not against the hatemongers.

The yellow vests gather with impunity at city hall every week, even driving a bus onto the sidewalk in front of city hall. Anybody else would get arrested, but the cops just had a friendly chat and suggested he park elsewhere. Then they arrest a community member who was dancing in protest to the hate group. It's all so upside down.

Why are police taking sides against the community? Why is the Mayor so wishy-washy? Why is Hamilton getting a national reputation for being a hate capital? Where is City Council in dealing with a major civic crisis?

I'm deeply disillusioned and disappointed by the lack of a swift and effective response from the Mayor, the City Council and the police Chief, but hearted that our community has people like Graham Crawford to speak out on its behalf.

I do acknowledge that faced with growing negative publicity, the mayor and police chief are slowly taking small steps to start the process of dealing with the huge crisis of confidence on their hands.

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