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By (registered) | Posted August 31, 2019 at 14:05:21

Thank you Ryan for telling it like it really is.

The people who commented above seem to be paranoid, and xenophobic, extremely insecure, if not uneducated (some commenters can't even spell 'immigration' and one commenter typed 'migration' - like birds??)

They seem to have a very loose affiliation with actual facts about immigrants but that does not seem to matter (much like Trump care little for the truth). Many seem to have an irrational fear of 'the other' - i.e. people who do not look, sound or dress like them so they fear them instead of learning about other cultures. Either that or they are just too lazy to invest the time and energy to find out. It's so much easier to 'go with the mob' like sheep.

They blame them for all our social ills with absolutely no proof (check out the comment from 'Clear the hill of socialism') with unfounded, fake stats. Additionally, this person (very maturely) refers to Justin Trudeau as Justine - which really is a slight on women everywhere in case you missed it - so you can add 'misogynistic' (look it up) to the adjectives I used to describe most of these commenters.

You can't just make stuff up and use it to blame others, but clearly P.T. Barnum was correct - there are suckers are born every minute and will gladly lap this paranoid, conspiratorial slop up rather than do a modest bit of research to find out what is really going on.

History has shown us time and time again that when times get tough, right-wing populists rise to power by finding a convenient scapegoat (immigrants in this case) for their own ills. So yes, I have to mention Hitler here because he and his propaganda ministers were very good at it. If you are unemployed, it is probably because your job has been outsourced to another country by large corporations in search of greater profits - or your job no longer exists due to automation or changing trends in our culture.

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