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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted October 18, 2007 at 16:16:46


Why do you think the only way to solve traffic congestion is to build more roads?

As for your environmental thoughts - I think a better service to the environment would have been done if the road had not been built at all.

I agree that the road can now be used to off-load some of the downtown traffic but couldn't other measures have been implemented to achieve that? Don't forget that poor planning is partially to blame for the back up along Centennial. Why does nobody question this lack of planning (let's put a bunch of stores with parking on the same stretch of road used by commuter/pass-through traffic - there's a good idea) and learn from it.

Roads are expensive, environmentally unfriendly and they use massive amounts of land. While I understand that cars are here to stay and we have to accomodate their use this doesn't mean we should adopt lazy planning standards and promote their use at the expense of all other options. I like to travel by foot, bike and streetcar, why has so much of my money been spent over the years to build roads when I DON'T WANT TO DRIVE?! Why is so much of the infrastructure on which I depend build around road networks?

How about in future we approach the problem of traffic congestion with different solutions?(let's face it - eventually we are going to have to).

All hail to the car! Man this makes me so angry...!

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