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By Tybalt (registered) | Posted July 19, 2019 at 15:51:19

Nicole says: "Certainly the violence at Pride was abhorrent to us in the community of LGTBQ2S+ and allies."

First off, I'd point out that which of these communities (at least two communities are mentioned there) one belongs to goes a very long way to conditioning how one responds to the homophobic violence, and genocidal rhetoric, involved in the attack on Pride.

Allies do not face the same levels of risk, (just as all members of 2S, Trans and Queer communities do not face the same level of risk either) regarding the active plans and wishes of the far right to commit genocide against us.

It's important to remember that the City of Hamilton's own employees have been shown to have been distributing, in 2019, hate rhetoric that includes calls for a second Holocaust and specifically naming queer and trans people as principal targets of that, as we were the first.

With all respect that is due, your role as the President of the International Association of Kumon Franchisees is terrifically, titanically, and utterly useless as guidance for how a community is to respond to literal threats of genocide against us, from government employees that Fred Eisenberger still signs paychecks for. Similarly useless as a guide for how to live with it. Because live with it we must.

Take a **ing seat please. Thanks.

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