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By grok (registered) | Posted July 08, 2019 at 08:43:49

"Police tend to focus on counterprotesters at these events, for reasons unknown."

The reasons are WELL known, of course. They're the same for any pseudo-democratic bourgeois police state: the working-class Left is ALWAYS the primary target of ALL police, Secret Police, vigilante and Military gangs (all of which have existed in Steel Town since at least the 'Cold War').

And in fact, The Pigs are the fascists' BEST friend. And these 'patriots' know it; and are quick to call in The Pigs at the slightest provocation -- most of which they instigate themselves, professional 'victims' that they are. And the proof there is as clear and simple as what has openly and transparently transpired in Hamilton these past months -- most recently at 2019 Pride.

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