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By GWW (registered) | Posted June 28, 2019 at 14:57:33 in reply to Comment 130013

Carbon taxes will work only if there are viable alternatives in the market place. Electric vehicles instead of Internal Combustion engines. Right now there is a very small selection of vehicles, and they are not at price point to be competitive. Either Carbon taxes need to go up(Say fifty cents. or a dollar per litre) or the range of electric vehicles needs to go up, together with better prices. Perhaps in another five years with technological improvements EV's will finally become mainstream, In the meantime there is a worldwide inventory of hundreds of millions of ICE vehicles that will take at least ten to fifteen years to reach the end of their economic life.

With Housing, there are millions of existing homes that burn natural gas, because it is cost competitive. Its only when the carbon tax on home heating makes it less competitive than electricity will home owners switch. The possible scenario of what was a $1,500 natural gas bill for a year, would probably need a carbon tax of $3,000 before people switch to electric heat.

Addressing demand for fossil fuels in Canada is what Canadians should pursue, not the world level of supply of fossil fuels, as other nations/suppliers will step up to meet demand if Canada does not provide the supply of product thru pipelines.

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