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By GWW (registered) | Posted June 27, 2019 at 12:32:08

You mention the Trans Mountain Pipeline at 125 megatons.(Is this the energy cost of pumping the oil thru the pipeline?) I would have thought this was more efficient than shipping the same amount by rail. Or do you prefer rail over pipelines? Carbon taxes should be directed towards the demand for oil and gas, not the supply. Worldwide oil demand increases by around a million barrels per day per year. Reducing Canadian supply does not affect world demand, which will be picked up by other suppliers. Oil and gas should have carbon taxes where it's consumed, or where Canada exports it to. I agree carbon taxes for consumption of carbon producing fuels is the correct way to go. I believe these will need to increased substantially over five to ten years to the point where electric cars and trucks are the first choice for transportation. (Hopefully Electric Vehicles will come on stream in appropriate volumes to materially affect oil consumption patterns) Likewise building codes should be to Passive Heating Design Standards. It's unfortunate that so many Condo's are glass towers with relatively poor heating and cooling properties.

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