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By lowbox (anonymous) | Posted October 17, 2007 at 17:16:54

Well it seems that some are missing the point here. The trouble with small cars is they are small, I drive a diesel powered XJ here in England. I have driven a V8 Range Rover, a Nissan Egt Ltd, Defenders, and quite a few other vehicles over thirty years of driving.
My Egt was a great saloon, fast, well equiped, built in Britain by Nissan and one of the best chassis around. However I could not fold the seats down and carry ten bags of rubble, nor could you do that in a Civic. In the last few weeks I have driven my XJ with the grandchildren in to the zoo. The following day, I took a lawn mower up a mile of dirt track to cut a half acre of grass. The next day I took the Mrs shopping with the half a ton of top soil to the recycling centre. Later that week I helped a recover a Rover 25 swamped by heavy rain, driving thru upto six inches of water to get there. A couple of days later I was camping, two of us with all the gear you think of. No compact can do it, I tried in Canada, no just does not happen.
I have solid axels with a small lift and a few off road mods. The XJ can run on bio diesel or ordinary and unlike new eco vehicles do not cost the earth to make or recycle.
A Isuzu Trooper is not as capable off road, but larger, it has a solid rear axle, but IFS up front hence not as capale, but it has a seperate chassis. My Defender had seperate chassis, the comfort factor of a tractor, but one of the best of off road capabilities any where, and used world wide to get where you can't go in a Civic or for that matter an Egt.
SUVs are a cross over from serious off road vehicles such as the Nissan Patrol, used by the U.N. to more road type vehicles such as Volvo estates or station wagons.
Car companies learnt quickly, well some more than others, that vehicles such as the XJ were what the public wanted. Now you can buy an X-Trail with all the safety features of a Volvo, and more. It has monocoque or unit body, IS all round, and can perform moderatley well stock off road, though I have not seen one do the Rubicon.
The facts speak for them selves, no need for rudeness or for that matter any rubbish about who country has best vehicles, my Jeep XJs body made in US, engine Italian, alternator is Japanese, fluids are from the US, Saudi, the North Sea, France, and out the tap (water), build was in Austria, and thats what I know about. I won't go in to what is the best off road vehicle or SUV or road car, or what are the most predestrian friendly.
It is down to your needs, hauling lumber of the shopping. I do not see the need for Mums to be driving a Land Cruiser to take the kids to school, but I do understand the safety issue, they are safer than a Honda Civic. An X-Trail I could understand more, or any modern SUV, but I do not see why people take them out in the snow, I end up pulling them out. Even I have had a few intresting experinces in the snow.

You have to define what you want from you vehicle, mine, even if Jeep has stopped making them, is one of the most universal vehciles around. It is not as heavy as a full size 4x4, or be as capable as a Defender, but it does for me.

Like it or not if you buy a new vehicle you are using more of the earths resources, not less, you should have a think about that next time you moan about old 4x4s. Most modern vehicles can not be repaired on the street or in your drive, they require special electronics made with presious metals such as gold and platinum, nor can you go to work knowing what ever the changes in weather you will still get home. There are many factors involved.

The only point you have is things like crumple zones and the like which unfortunatley proper 4x4s were not made with. SUV are much better than they used to be, but they are still SUVs, crossovers, compacts, or saloons, minivans, etc, use more plastic than ever before, yet deaths have not fallen, the maths do not happen, more cars more people. Get a grip and know a little about what you are talking about.


So there you have it - comminication is the response you get..........

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