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By wokintos (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2007 at 20:33:42

Also Ted if you want to say that trucks are deadly ram rods on the road you should look at it from a motorcyclists point of view. I also drive a motorcycle and view cars as a ram rod. A friend of mine and his wife only own 2 motorcycles, no cars or trucks. We have winters with minus 30 weather and blizzards and they still drive their motorbikes. They argue that when equipped with the proper tires a bike handles as well as a car in bad weather. He says that when you dress properly it's not the roads or the weather that are going to kill you it's people in cars or trucks. They live in the city and have bus passes for when a bike is just too dangerous. They have 2 kids that are involved in sports, a hockey bag just doesn't work on a sport bike, but his daughter was insistant on playing. Before he had kids he had never even considered buying a car. When they were infants he has close but stood firm. Now that his girl plays hockey he's close again, but so far the bus still goes close enough to all the arenas she plays in. His parents died in a car accident where the opposing driver hit and killed them while driving his car and talking on his cell phone. He believes everyone should be on motorcycles and the streets would be much safer. Being inside their cars people get preoccupied and distracted because they are too protected. On a bike you don't get that feeling, so you're attentive all the time. I think that the two of them are crazy, but he says that your view on trucks is the same perspective he has on cars, and trucks. From a safety perspective it's not the vehicle that is the problem, it's the retard behind the wheel who's the potential danger. You can't ban trucks because bad drivers prefer them. A retarded driver could still potentially kill someone from the seat of a car.

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