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By A voter (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2007 at 01:40:11

Ontarians voted for the least awful future for themselves & Ontario. Since only about 50% of voters chose to cast a ballot, it shows something about the quality of choices available, & how completely out of touch both DM & JT are.

Someone on the CHCH T.V.'s coverage blamed JT's 'focus groups' for his lack of understanding that this issue wouldn't fly. DM's focus groups must also be out to lunch, but on less volatile issues. (like removing homemade baked goods from charity bake sales,lest we be poisoned by our neighbours, ditto unpasteurised cheeses.)

Hmmm? "Family Coalition Party".. The current Federal 'Tory Party has it's roots in the FCP, & the old Reform Party. Is it possible that the Provincial 'Tory Party does too? The faith based education platform seems to be uncomfortably close (at least for many people)to those kinds of politics. I have a pretty conventional family, so we do I find the FCP so unappealing?

DM does advocate killing puppies, (Bill 132) so I guess that's a start..?

Leadership is one thing, but poking your nose into people's personal freedom & lives is another. Being intrusive & dragging the electorate around by the hair isn't leadership.
Both DM & JT have show that they are more comfortable with in these negative aspects of power than they are at actually leading their respective parties.

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