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By Trevor (registered) | Posted October 06, 2006 at 11:49:58

Is Public Health moving from the Right House to the Lister? If so that's hardly an improvement, since Right House will surely close then.

Commercial space on the ground floor? What is 2000 sq feet? Its one dinky little store, they probably mean moving the Right House Tim Hortons to Lister as well and call it mixed-use.

It time to consider Lister being a residential building. Styled into NYC apartments with a ground floor mall where the retail has two fronts, one to the street and one to the inner mall.

The low floor to floor height and support columns cause too many obstacles to a wide open office space, it just makes more sense as a residential building. James and King William is also more condusive to residential living.

If we need office space. Then build a proper post-modern tower at the parking lot of King and Bay. Or move into Stelco Tower and make the high vacancy rate look a little better on paper.

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