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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted October 10, 2007 at 18:29:02

"The NDP have recently observed that many of the most important issues facing our province - poverty, the economy, the environment - have been largely ignored by the media during the campaign"

Thats why the NDP( besides falling into power by as the accidental politician) will never get elected again.

Provincial Governments cannot.. and do not reduce "poverty," or affect the economy.They can make the ground fertile for individuals to pull themselves out of poverty( as I did).The alternate is simply a diet of government cheese.

Besides handing out cash to people for a meal, Provinces will not reduce poverty.

Besides handing out cash to businesses to subsidize employment, Provinces cannot help the economy.Global economics dictate the local economies.Ford,GM, and DCX is losing manufacturing and market share because they cannot sell the products.

Unless Howie can force Canadians to buy in Canada, made in Canada,serviced in Canada and magically have Poverty stricken families suddenly ...well off,he is a dufus for thinking any Premier can aleviate these things.

As far as the Environment, what exactly does that mean besides a buzz word?


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