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By lorne (registered) - website | Posted May 17, 2019 at 14:57:23

Because the crisis is as dire as you outline, Ryan, I have decided that I will abandon my usual practice of strategic voting. What I got last time as a result is a government that likes to put a nice cosmetic touch on its 'green' bona fides but is wholly unprepared to take the kind of action that will avert total disaster.

The Green Party has been consistent and detailed in its vision of climate-change mitigation. Even tough there will likely be little chance of more than a small number getting elected, I hope the popular vote percentage sends a strong message to whoever forms the next government that Canadians are demanding action.

BTW, I have no patience for those who try to circumscribe one's electoral choice by saying a vote for anyone other than Trudeau is a vote for Scheer. If we don't get things right very, very soon, it won't really matter, will it?

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