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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted October 07, 2007 at 17:57:55

x-ham, No offence, but your 'drive through' tour of the downtown could not possibly have been thorough enough to justify your siding with mr. d.

Those of us who actually live near (or regularly visit) downtown hamilton know the truth... the streets are bustling with people despite the fact that we've put virtual highways smack through the middle of town.

It is entirely conceivable that pedestrianizing the gore could be the catalyst for turning our good downtown into a great one - and if we do it right, a world cass one.

What I'd like to hear is at least one reasonable aternative suggestion from those opposing the pedestrianization plan. Do any of the naysayers have a plan in mind, or are they simply too attached to their current ability to blow through town as fast as possible?

Is their idea as simple as 'wait and see'? Because I think that's the worst plan of all. We need to ignore the high speed drive through downtowners and start catering to those who care enough to actually get out on foot and spend time there.

The worst case result of pedestrianizing is that we don't actually increase foot traffic. But if we don't start designing our downtown for pedestrians soon, we are likeky to lose the ones we already have!

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