Comment 1260

By not Di Ianni (anonymous) | Posted October 06, 2006 at 01:23:35

You are still underestimating our current Mayor. While new faces in the wards can be great, it can just as easily be loaded with Di Ianni supporters or those to afraid to stand up to him. I have seen good men fail at council because of the atmosphere and the thick clique of established counsilors. But Di Ianni is a major threat that people still seem to fail to realise which is why history seems doomed to repeat itself. There was a group going to bring out candidates, what happened? Anyone so geared for change should still be pressing no matter how many names are on the ballot. But all I see here is yet more resignation to face yet another term of high debt costly and destructive projects and no voice for the majority. We already have that thanks to Harper, do we really need Harper Light ion City Council? I will stop now so as not to bore you by repeating myself but I hope you will consider what I say.

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