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By not Di Ianni (anonymous) | Posted October 05, 2006 at 13:08:20

I cannot believe it. People in Hamilton are so easily cowed that they are willing to embrace the Di Ianni nightmare again!!! Have we learned nothing from the past three years?????? While Eisenberger may not be Much different, HE IS DIFFERENT! He is not so entrenched as Di Ianni and therefore an opportunity is there to reign in his inevitable excess. Di Ianni has emeshed himself with the developers through his political life and now is virtually unstoppable, his fiingers are too tightly laced with these corporations as well as his fellow longtime counsilors. We need to shake this city up! Wake up to all the corruption and make some steps forward. Staying with Di Ianni with another 4 years is a nightmare I would not wish on my greatest enemy. This is exactly what Di Ianni wants, Braden backed out in a rather cowardly act just like the NDP too often melts in the face of being a true alternative. If we cannot take a big step, lets take a little one, but by no means should we take no step at all! WE are not going to get droves out of this town anyway, the movement should have started months ago. Di Ianni does have a track record, a bad one. So unless you want your children to be pig slaughterers or minimum wage earners at the airotropolis, if you want to continue to choke on the fumes of Di Ianni's "progress" by all means vote for him. But do not say you were not warned when the city sinks into further decay. I will also ad that we will no longer have even Braden's vote at all in Council and are set to have the owner of Dufferin construction come onto council, and you still think we can survive another term with Di Ianni? So much for progress!

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