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By beancounter (registered) | Posted October 06, 2007 at 17:03:34

I suppose one good thing about Andrew’s column is that it has stimulated a lively discussion in these pages.

There is also a large grain of truth in his assertion that “…there has to be something along the route that attracts a critical mass of people.” Wait, make that a small grain of truth. Jason Leach has been filling us in through his downtown reports on the interesting new venues that have been springing up in the downtown area. Perhaps Dreschel is right in suggesting that there needs to be more of these in the stretch of King Street that would be closed to motorized traffic.

On the other hand, closing these blocks on King Street may well add to the “critical mass” of good things that are already happening downtown and will further enhance the process of revitalization and hence attract more people.

Let’s try if for a few months. I would suggest spring, when there is fresh green on the trees in Gore Park and elsewhere downtown and when the sunshine warms the cockles of our urban heart.

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