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By trey (registered) | Posted October 05, 2007 at 18:37:32

Poor Andy. I'm not sure why he hates Hamilton so much. So much that he has to make up false observations. I don't have to repeat all the above posts, about how dead King is. There is already almost no traffic on the south leg of Gore now anyway. It will be more of a challenge for HSR then a Dundas to Stoney Creek commuter.

But what I want to comment on and an observation that none of the above posters pointed out. Is that Andy thinks Limeridge Mall is the heart of public space in Hamilton. A private property even. People have to go to Limeridge Mall to socialize, hangout and shop, why?> Because the choices to do those things in Hamilton are getting fewer every year. Which is WHY Gore must be made into an area of public space to exchange not just money for Levis® but for an exchange of thoughts, conversations, opinions, hellos, see you's etc. Dreschel has completley forgotten to point out the value of public space. I ask Andrew to search what the Gore in the past was used for, and every city that had a population over 10,000 before WW2 had a public space to celebrate, sing, dance, protest, change the world, inform, demand rights, and exercise democracy. Search Gore Park, World War 2 Celebrations, or Labour Movement Gore Park and you will see the imporatance of having this space republicized from automobiles. Limeridge Mall management would've never allowed the aforementioned acts to take place. And for that reason alone Dreschel truly has 'jumped the shark'.

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