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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted October 05, 2007 at 13:09:37

It must suck, suck, suck to be Andrew Dreadful these days. After years of sucking up to the Hamilton-hating politicians who ran this place he suddenly finds himself left out in the cold with a new mayor who actually cares about downtown, who actually cares about the facts, and who actually wants to do the right thing without being in the sprawl shills' pockets.

He just can't find a place for himself in the new way of doing things Fred's trying to put in place, so he picks away at it from outside, jealous of the cozy access to the back rooms he used to have.

It's absolutely pathetic how deep he has to scrape the barrel to try and make Fred look bad. Criticizing him for dropping the Red Hill lawsuit and getting Randle Reef money? WTF? Who could possibly think this was bad leadership, except a vulture who stuffs himself on the carcasses of political wars?

Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting. Dreadful's gone right off the map. Good bloody riddance, I wish the spec would just leave him on an island somewhere.

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