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By cameronkroetsch (registered) | Posted November 22, 2018 at 12:07:16


I initially said this: "I was even more confused by that revelation and then, as I thought about it, pretty concerned because, if that's true, that would make matters worse, not better. It would mean that, of those additional 91 voters, a staggering 12 percent didn't vote for a ward councillor at all. If that can be relied on as any sort of accurate statistical average of a similar phenomenon across all voting in Ward 2, then we'd need 1,186 voters to produce 1,059 votes. So, where I thought we might be missing information for 80 voters, we might instead be missing information for more than 200."

I have now been able to confirm the data for SAPs and, though I don't have enough data to say anything conclusively, I can say that there were 102 SAP voters and 979 AP voters for a total of 1,081 voters for what the City of Hamilton is calling the official "Advance Poll" results (1,059 votes). I'm still awaiting information for the poll-by-poll break downs to see if/where there are aberrations, but it appears that I don't need to continue to be concerned about the results of Advance Poll until such time as I receive additional data. I am not, however, sure how much longer I will have to wait to obtain this data.

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