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By AlanB (registered) - website | Posted November 01, 2018 at 23:10:11

The Bolsonaro victory has caused many people to start to pay attention to the manipulation of the collective psyche that the fascist right has been perfecting since the time of Dr. Goebbels. It is time to do an asset mapping of the right wing. They are fortunate to have Evangelicals in their camp. This group is the most effect cadre for causing the undermining / main weakness of the progressive forces: The religious right believes that they are all one big family in Christ - and this attitude enables their ranks to act in an egalitarian/comradery kind of social system. The opposite of the way progressives are hamstrung by status hierarchy, and choosing to find fault with any aspect of someone's ideological purity. This judgementalism does not happen on the Nazi right. They are willing to tolerate any flaw - so long as their ultimate goal of power and control of the instruments of governance remains their undivided focus. Many of them have read about Schopenhauer's concept of the collective will as examined in MEIN KAMPF. It is likely this has been Trump's bedside reading.

After decades of being a political junkie, I see only one way to mobilize a critical mass of activism to put the public interest in control of this problem. Only by a willingness on the part of grassroots, authentic citizens' group agencies and networks, to become active in the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, can we advance the policies that will enable our economy and political system to be taken forcefully from the toxic hands of neoliberalism, and restored to enable the purpose of democratic processes to resume. We will have to understand that social psychology demonstrates that if 3.5% of a population is able to learn a technology of problem-solving, that this group can infuse through the rest of society. In the case of the 17 SDGs, this will enable those who are aware and trained to help the rest of society overcome ideological incoherence. For further details on this, watch the videos from Prof Jeffrey Sachs on Youtube from the Sustainable Devt Academy, and if you want to become part of the group implementing the SDGs, take a look at the course that Prof Sachs teaches on EdX.

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