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By JasonL (registered) | Posted October 26, 2018 at 07:49:59

Here is what I was really interested in finding out, aside from how Fred did in suburban wards: which 'anti-LRT' councillors did he beat in their own wards!? We have our answers:

He earned more votes in Ward 10 than Maria Pearson did.

He earned more votes in Ward 13 than Vanderbeek did, and... (my favourite one)...

He earned more votes in Ward 9 than Brad Clark did. Hmmm, apparently 'everyone in my ward hates the LRT project' isn't even close to accurate after all.

In Ward 14, Terry Whitehead narrowly out-voted Fred 5,300-5,100.

Fred needs to publicize this data and lean HEAVILY on it. Next time those councillors start squawking about how all of their constituents don't like LRT, Fred should remind the 3 of them that 'their' constituents seem to prefer him over them, and he and Terry were a dead heat in Ward 14.

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