Comment 12390

By kevin (registered) | Posted October 03, 2007 at 21:55:16

I may be sensitive, but you're classic passive-aggressive. You made snide, condescending, sarcastic, ANONYMOUS remarks about my intelligence and being narrowed minded and get all prissy because you pissed me off. What did you expect?

I'll wager you're seperated or divorced.

As for you, bollocks, don't tell me what is cool or to get armour (you spelled it wrong) in a public forum. I don't tell you to stop being so self-righteous. Get a sense of humour or jump off the bridge with highlighter.

And, Ryan, I KNOW Pollack fans wouldn't vote for Harris. I'm not that stoopid. The humourless left are waaaaay to progressive; just ask any of them.

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