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By (registered) | Posted August 24, 2018 at 18:34:17

I hate to use the term 'fake news' but if ever there was a textbook case of it, this is the real deal. This embarrassing e-mail gaf clearly exposes Ms Lazich's (and her minions) complete lack of credible and cogent arguments against the LRT. Rational debate is fine, and there may be several points to debate. However, when you have nothing in your quiver, you end up shooting blanks with 'big & tall' claims full of sound and fury and signifying ... precisely - nothing. I really can't understand the objections of this person considering (if only for selfish reasons) a major LRT stop planned for Queen & King is a mere 350m east of their store - a brief, 4 min walk for those in reasonable shape (another, at Dundurn & King is 500 m west - a doable 6 min jaunt). You can't get much better commercial real estate than being bang - right on the LRT line. When 120 people disembark from a single LRT car every few minutes (and in rush hour, several cars may be lashed together), having at least some of those people walk right past your storefront can't be all bad.

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