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By umm.... (anonymous) | Posted October 02, 2007 at 16:50:48

Maybe what the US needs is a few more political parties.

I'd share their frustration if the only 2 choices I had where Liberal or Conservative. But here in Canada, there's no reason for voter turnout to be so low - if you really don't like the major political parties, you can always vote Green, Marxist, Marxist-Leninist, Christian Heritage, or a whole host of other tiny parties.

If any of them got 10% of the popular vote, the major parties would definitely realign their "principles" to try to cater to that extra 10% - especially when that amount is enough to swing a riding in their favour. Just look at the NDP, now paying lip-service to the environment (when it doesn't threaten union jobs) just so they can get their hands on the Green Party's unofficial 5-10% support.

I feel sorry for the nice people I know in the USA, who are stuck without anyone to vote for. I hope they can at least get a Green candidate to vote for here and there. Or, heck, even Lyndon LaRouche.

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