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By EdwardHCGraydon (registered) - website | Posted May 22, 2018 at 15:31:10

All this week I have been campaigning in ward three and in the immediate area of the general hospital and in direct sight of the Ron Joyce children hospital . Personally I like that part of town and believe the housing in that area is really very charming and in that I found the area is really very nice.But directly across the railway tracks are around 100 tents that are set up every night and the homeless surround the area of the hospital ,I was witness to heroine needles scattered all over the area. It is really to bad this has become such an epidemic in that part of town as I believe that area has a lot to offer in as far as community . To tell you the truth I enjoyed campaigning in that area ,but like you stated Ryan Hamilton needs a safe injection site. I would love to tackle this issue as mayor as so many residents in that area including hospital staff are frightened to go to work in the early morning and evening .

A safe injection sight can reduce possible death by accident for children whom might stumble across discharged needles. I support safe injection sights it is a no brainer.

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