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By fmurray (registered) | Posted April 13, 2018 at 12:48:09

Just think of how much better the redevelopment of this site could have proceeded with a developer who cared about the community. It's such a nice day dream. We could have had a really spectacular building there, with ground-floor retail/commercial to animate the street, if only he and his cronies read the Policies and Guidelines put in place by Hamilton's hard-working planning staff and DIDN'T decide to completely ignore those policies and guidelines. Instead here we are, going to the OMB because of a stubborn mindset that says only one vision counts -- and that is Mr. Lamb's. The defense of his complete disregard for this community is a little hard to read.

But please do not repeat the developer's propoganda about Pinehurst Mansion. The house is designated. They had absolutely no choice but to incorporate it into the site plan. This is their big "favour" to the neighbourhood: "Look, we're not tearing down this house! (even though it's in our way) Aren't we fantastic?"

The good aspects of the design: 300 bike parking spaces and the parkette in front of the mansion.

As the Design Review Panel stated -- one tower is sufficient for that space. We can't try to attain all of our density targets with one plot in the lower city.

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