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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted March 29, 2018 at 15:05:01

So, let's see...

  1. Mr. Ford has promised to reduce taxes by $10 billion in income tax and HST cuts.
  2. Mr. Ford has promised to reduce electricity bills by $1.9 billion dollars.
  3. Mr. Ford has promised to keep existing government programs, and not fire any government employees.
  4. Mr. Ford has promised to eliminate the deficit.

One does not have to be a professional Accountant to conclude that anyone who promises to cut government taxes but not any government employees or programs AND to balance the budget is... err... shall we say "mathematically challenged."

And since I am a professional Accountant, it is rather insulting to hear him claim that there is $6 billion in mysterious undefined "waste" that has somehow magically eluded the Auditor-General and all the Accountants who work for the government.

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