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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted December 16, 2017 at 14:24:59

Hmmm... This is very interesting, because whoever ProjectCo winds up being, ProjectCo is almost certainly already unionized. Is Hamilton City Council telling the workers of ProjectCo to abandon their existing union in favour of ATU Local 107? Suppose those workers don't want to abandon their current union?

For example, suppose Bombardier is chosen to be ProjectCo. Bombardier's public transit operations are already unionized, with the workers being represented by Teamsters Division 660. I have not read their current union contract, but it almost certainly states that new jobs must be posted and existing employees get first crack at them.

However, it is unlikely that all the jobs running Hamilton's LRT will be filled by existing unionized Bombardier employees who already are members of Teamsters Division 660. Bombardier will hire new employees. Since Bombardier is already a union company, those new employees will be automatically enrolled into Teamsters Division 660.

Workers do have a right to take a vote and collectively change what union represents them. However, I consider it somewhat unlikely that either existing or new members of Teamsters Division 660 will take kindly to Hamilton City Council dictating to them what union they should or should not belong to.

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