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By GWW (registered) | Posted November 29, 2017 at 14:16:25

I checked wikipedia for CO2 emissions, and there appears to be material differences in your numbers, if you check "List of Countries by Carbon Dioxide Emissions per capita" (from fossil fuels-2013) (Sorry I'm not capable of providing a hyperlink). It shows Canada at 13.5 metric tonnes per capita compared to 16.4 MT/capita for the USA, and with the same link the EU at 8.6 MT/Capita, for 2011 (a different spreadsheet in the same document.)

Canada may not be down to EU numbers, but per capita numbers have dropped 25% (per same link) since 1980. The federal and provincial governments need to push energy efficiency on areas like housing and other construction, ideally to passive design levels similar to some European countries. Further subsidies/tax incentives should be provided to upgrade the poorest quality housing to higher energy standards. Its terrible all these glass tower condos in the Toronto core that are going up with only double glazing, each unit has relatively small utility bills, because they are such small units, but on a square foot basis there high. I'm optimistic that eventually electric vehicles will make sense, but this could ten to twenty years before they have a material impact.

Canada will never get down to EU numbers given our climate, population density, distances, natural resources, and how cities and communities are laid out.

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