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By ImprovingTomorrow (registered) | Posted November 28, 2017 at 10:52:27 in reply to Comment 122183

Canada officially accounts for 1.67% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. Canada also has only 0.475% of the world's population. That means that of total current global emissions, Canada takes up 3.52 times our fair share of a number that is collectively far too large to begin with. That number is also clearly artificially low because the way it is calculated leaves out a number of glaringly obvious considerations. In any honest assessment we also bear responsibility for emissions from factories that were offshored in order to slash wages but that are still producing products exclusively for sale in North American markets, because that's our stuff and therefore clearly our responsibility. Canada is also responsible for the emissions resulting from burning the roughly 5% of global fossil fuel exports that come from us. So we're emitting several times more than our fair share. And let's not forget that for roughly a decade Canada was doing more to obstruct and undermine international climate talks than any other nation on Earth, which is how we collected all of those international fossil of the year awards. Any claim that we bear no responsibility to act is not defensible, it's classic whataboutism.

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