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By ImprovingTomorrow (registered) | Posted November 28, 2017 at 10:49:04 in reply to Comment 122182

So let's see, on the one side of the argument we have the largest collective scientific effort in all of human history, plus agreement from every single professional academy of publishing scientists on the face of the Earth that climate change is a major concern, with the Pentagon calling it a threat multiplier and "the mother of all risks," and the entire insurance industry telling us it's rapidly escalating losses due to natural disasters (while waving around the receipts, so they should know), and the World Health Organization telling us that it's seriously impacting human health, and the World Bank and a majority of economists telling us it's a clear and present danger to the global economy, and all of the agencies that deal directly with refugees telling us record refugee numbers this year are nothing yet as the crisis magnifies, and let's not forget all of the world's thermometers, satellites, rainclouds, tropical storms, wildfires, glaciers, and so on endlessly proving the projections of the science true over and over again in real world daily news events as temperature records shatter all over the place, and on the other side of the argument we have a lingering handful on the internet belligerently insisting that they know better than all of the world's authorities in dozens of fields of expertise while ignoring painfully obvious real world events. Gee, tough call.

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