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By RobF (registered) | Posted September 27, 2017 at 08:38:18

Love of the old times is important, but we should not canonize the neighbourhood's past at the expense of its future, which is looking increasingly bright.

I agree, but let's not confuse nostalgia and sentimentality with regard to a past that is always more complicated than any golden age rendering allows (the smokestacks are always gilded and poverty turned noble, rather than also polluting and immiserating respectively) with passivity toward the future.

The future is as yet unwritten, but it is in the process of being written by some more than others. Let's not gloss over that. You don't have to romanticize the past (that never quite was) to act in the present with others to make the road to the future more equitable and broadly shared than it might otherwise turn out to be.

Or as someone seemed to be saying on CBC Hamilton recently: you can just sit on your front porch and watch it all happen.

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