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By watching from europe (anonymous) | Posted September 29, 2007 at 05:37:10

I own one of those farms on the widely sketched proposed route through Niagara. When I look at the big picture of agriculture in Ontario, I have to say it would be better to develop around the proposed corridor rather than the higher quality land that we continue to develop from GTA west. Our land is worth about 1/8 of the farm land in most of southern Ontario due to its lower level of productivity. From another perspective, I have been working in agricultural development in southeast Europe for two years and have observed throughout much of Europe, how rail travel has significantly prevented development in the best agricultural areas and the highways are not congested. I would also suggest that tolls and the higher travel speeds on the highways help to minimize the total number of vehicles on the road so whoever uses a highway can be confident of a high-speed trip. In terms of cost, it generally works out that if I am travelling alone or with one passenger it is cheaper to travel by train, travel time depends on the destination, more or less than by car. With three or more people travelling, it is cheaper to take the car.

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