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By mdrejhon (registered) - website | Posted July 03, 2017 at 14:25:27

I didn't think too much of this, but now that you mention it -- yes, it felt less calm of a ride than usual. It is a problem:

I noticed myself being nervous riding bike between the fence and pedestrians, since I can't swerve slightly in either direction (towards fence or towards pedestrians)

This part of the path is crowded with people walking around each other, and I have to ride around them, and kids are always swerving left/right, and it feels less safe to pass between pedestrians and the fence, lest I lightly collide my tip of handlebars on the fence.

Certainly, maybe some protection from falling down the escarpment could have been a well-intentioned decision, but along more than 90% of this section it's not that steep, I would fall harmlessly into soft foilage with no injury or just some slight twig scratches. Now it's far more dangerous, with lots more head-whacks on pavement....

Sigh; what a tragedy of a subtle design decision that makes this rail trail a little less fun -- what a numbskull decision.

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