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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 01, 2017 at 23:23:45

No DMU is entirely FRA compliant however, the temporal separation rule was bent often here in Ottawa. Many times freight was moved during the day however, it rarely happens now due to a lack of customers on the line. We still get some freights during the day delivering rail and road transit vehicles of all kinds as well as other rail vehicles to the Transport Canada/NRC Leitrim Road Static and Dynamic Rail/Road testing facility. There is nothing weirder than seeing a New York MTA Subway Train coming down the track on top of a flat car fresh from the factory in Montreal, to be tested here in Ottawa because the US facility is too far away.

One of the biggest problems/issues that will have to be dealt with during the Stage 2 construction work starting in 2019 are the 2 level rail crossing of the Trillium Line. The first is main VIA Rail line into Ottawa and the second is the main CN freight line in Ottawa. Both are expected to be rebuilt so the Trillium Line will passes over both lines. The issue is that if they want to increase the service frequency of the Trillium Line, Transport Canada wanted those level crossings eliminated for safety reasons. The Transport Canada/NRC testing facility also will require their own main line lead track as well coming off CN's main freight line.

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