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By KevinLove (registered) | Posted May 01, 2017 at 11:40:42 in reply to Comment 121449

Dear Joey,

Please once again accept my thanks for all your work in bringing transparency to City Hall.

I believe that you are absolutely right in your comment that this is a cost/benefit issue. Which is why I am proposing a category of "community" GO station that more closely resembles an LRT station than a conventional GO station. As you correctly point out in your comment, a conventional GO platform would be very costly. So instead of a conventional 12-car platform I am proposing a three-car platform. This significantly reduces the station footprint size and cost.

As shown in the Google photographs, the property that would have to be expropriated is currently not built upon.

Centennial would require creative design because the tracks are at a lower elevation than the road.

Nobody lives on Centennial in this area. The proposed station would be under the existing bridge, with bicycle/pedestrian access to the neighbourhoods to the east and west. This would also connect those neighbourhoods to each other. Except for Battlefield Park itself, there are few origins or destinations that would be served by a connection to Centennial, so none will be provided. And Battlefield Park can be accessed from the station via Battlefield Drive.

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