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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 01, 2017 at 10:43:52

FYI, Ottawa's entire O-Train Pilot Program which started in 2001 included, 8km of single track rail line with passing tracks, a remodeling of an existing CPR maintenance building, 5 station construction projects (35-37 metre long passenger platforms but expandable) plus physical connections to 2 existing Transitway stations at either end of the line, line and basic tunnel and bridge rehabilitation (more was required later), 3 Bombardier Talent DMU's, a Bombardier maintenance contract, extra insurance, the creation of the National Capital Railway and operating cost for 2 years, cost only $40 Million. It doesn't have to be done expensively.

Be aware the Talent #1 DMU is no longer being manufactured and the Talent #2 is just not compatible with Ottawa's and possibly your type of operation, unless you re-gear all the motors and big far bigger passenger platforms tha we did. Hence why Ottawa bought Alstom Coradia LINT 41 DMU's when we needed more DMU's for the Trillium Line. HOWEVER, we have 3 perfectly serviceable Talent #1's in storage and for sale as well as Deutsche Bahn is getting rid of hundreds of them (exactly like Ottawa's DMU's because we piggybacked on their order to save money) as they switch to the Talent #2 DMU.

US Railcar manufactures a FRA compliant DMU for Portland's WES Line and they also use remodeled Budd RDC's as a back up. VIA Rail still uses modernized Budd RDC's for passenger service as well as the new Cotton Belt A-Line Commuter Rail Line in suburban Dallas. RDC's could easily handle this type of line and there many still around North America in storage.

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