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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted May 01, 2017 at 09:58:48

The stations are far too close together for existing GO equipment, the trains would simply have too little room to accelerate, they just don't have the gearing needed.

HOWEVER, there are several mainline railway friendly, Transport Canada approved or US FRA approved DMU (Diesel Multiple Units) designs that could fill the bill here. They have the gearing to handle faster acceleration in an almost LRT like distanced between station stops. transport Canada Commuter Rail licensed lines shouldn't have stops closer than 2km apart. Transport Canada approved LRT licensed lines can stops as little as 400 metres apart. DMU's depending on the manufacturer can handle stops as little 700-800 metres apart.

Transport Canada or US FRA Approved DMU designs operable on Canadian or US Mainline Railways as long as freight services have some type of temporal separation from the DMU's.

Transport Canada Approved Designs

  1. Alstom Coradia Lint Series DMU's
  2. Bombardier Talent#1 BR Series DMU's
  3. Nippon Sharyo DMU (2 car and 3 car consist vehicles)

US FRA Approved Designs (not quite TRP Canada Approved but will allow because of similarity in official approval processes)

  1. Stadler Rail GTW Series
  2. Hyundai-Rotem DMU (DMU version of the EMU used both in Denver and Philadelphia)

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