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By joeycoleman (registered) - website | Posted May 01, 2017 at 08:30:26

As much as I'd love to jump in supporting this, I do not see it as feasible due to what will be very low passenger numbers and the high cost of implementation due to the tight corridor of the existing rail line.

There is also the impossibility of adding the necessary rails to service east of Gage Park. To get to Centennial Parkway with two tracks (GO really needs three to be reliable on a mixed passenger and freight line) will involve expropriation of properties, and the addition of a new bridge over the Red Hill.

None of the proposed stops could have parking, and many of them are so landlocked they wouldn't be able to even have a park-and-ride.

The Kenilworth stop would require expropriating a lot of property, and access would require some interesting design; there be need for steps and elevators, driving up the cost of construction, and requiring operating budget to maintain the elevator devices.

Cochrane would have to be east of the roadway, with only one entrance, and again expropriation of neighbouring properties.

Quigley could be planned for today, purchasing a portion of the former high school property at Quigley, and part of the existing City parkland. The problem here would be the need to expropriate some properties on the west side of the park for a few platform.

Centennial would require creative design because the tracks are at a lower elevation than the road. Expropriation or taking away part of Battlefield Park will be required.

This is an extremely active freight rail line, I can't see CP allowing access without rail expansion.

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