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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 29, 2017 at 10:29:50

If you were actually going to have GO Rail service a la Toronto-Hamilton-Buffalo. Hamilton would have to act as a sub-centre to majority of the train service. Due to the large number of stations already existing between Hamilton and Toronto. The old debate of vertical vs. horizontal expansion of any rail line comes into play here. I would see 2 out of 3 peak hour train runs ending and turning around at Hamilton with stations at Stoney Creek, Smithville , Welland, Fort Erie and Buffalo. 1 in 3 trains would be express or a limited stop express service to Toronto Union.

This is assuming, the owning railway wanted this to happen at all and we could work around its freight schedule, Transport Canada doesn't have issues with the run and possible interference at the Welland Canal (which is one of the present sticking points with the GO Line service to Niagara Falls), how we get around customs/border issues and make sure that several big existing infrastructure deficits that exist on the run can be expediently dealt with (lots and lots of money). Oh yes, solving the growing problem of Union Station's ever shrinking amount of spare train holding capacity (a new downtown Toronto Station at the North Bathurst Street GO Yard is still seriously being considered).

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