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By FormFaxer (anonymous) | Posted September 27, 2007 at 17:36:56

Hi All
Don't know if anyone is still following this but I thought I'd pass along something amusing (to me at least)...
I cc'd David Sweet and other local MP's an e-mail to David Christopherson (my MP) asking him to support the CBC's desire to establish a station here.
Three minutes later I receive a reply from Sweet's office manager which begins "Thank you for your fax. We received several form faxes similar to yours on this issue, last month and then another round of them this week" before continuing with out of date background and babble on the issue (sound familiar Highwater?).
Since it was neither a fax or a form letter that I sent --- it was a custom one of a kind e-mail --- I have to assume the correspondence was not read and that the reply certainly wasn't considered. In fact, I'd have to suggest that Sweet's office is more guilty of using form "faxes" than those whom they disparage of for doing so to communicate with them.
I'm hoping for a better response from the other David.
We're supposed to believe this guy is listening??!?!?!

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