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By RobF (registered) | Posted April 14, 2017 at 19:58:22 in reply to Comment 121244

Well Selway that's pretty crusty, even for a North End curmudgeon ... You got any of that sharp cheddar from Jantzi's left? All you'd need is a little wine to go with it.

More seriously, I do get where you are coming from and agree, what more could we need after 2014 and the arrival of the new brewery. On the other hand, the old-timers still pine for the 24-for-24 deal when it was Lakeport and have only been partially appeased by the yard-of-ale sale ($9.50 for a 1.9 L growler for folks who don't know ... artisanal craft brew for the masses!). And I'm told back-in-the-day we got the sweet smell of the discount brew maltings wafting thru the hood no extra charge. Good times.

More seriously be nice and regal with her with stories of seeing the Velvet Underground and Nico at Mac back in the stone-age ... or 1960s. Not to carbon-date you or anything.

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