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By cyberfarer (registered) | Posted April 09, 2017 at 20:25:43 in reply to Comment 121176

How sad are you JimC that you troll every post on RTH? You're so pathetic I doubt you read the nonsense you write. The logical twists and turns would be hilarious if they weren't so painful.

Johanna is correct. The LRT is 100 per cent capital funded. So she is right. While claiming she is wrong while demonstrating she is right, you omit a salient fact. We can have all the LRT we want, from Eastgate to McMaster, and the spur, if the City of Hamilton would cough up an investment.

It is the city, and in particular those same flip-flopping, now-we-want-it-now-we-don't councillors, who insisted on a 100% capital funded project 'cause Hammy Town don't do no transit.

And once the province says, well we will put up a billion, those same councillors, cheered on by trolls like you, move the goal posts inflating and exaggerating operating costs and usage simultaneously.

Please, your BS is tired and tiring.

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