Comment 121176

By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted April 09, 2017 at 19:56:22

It's not "fully funded." I stopped reading after that. If you get your main fact wrong what's the use in reading on? The MOA expresses clearly: we get $1 billion *worth* of LRT. They're not building an LRT. They're spending $1 billion on as much LRT as they can get. If it goes over budget they reduce the scope of the project. They've already begun by eliminating the James St spur. That's not how they framed it but that's exactly what's happening; politics. Fully funded also implies operating costs which clearly are not included. Please read the MOA and see that what I'm writing is true. This is an important distinction. The project is capped at $1 billion. It's not capped at "one LRT from point A to point B" which is quite a different promise.

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