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By Haveacow (registered) | Posted April 05, 2017 at 08:07:10

What the Bus people forget to mention is the huge amount damage increasing numbers of buses do to the road, especially at the stops. LRT vehicles have their extra mass supported by better ballast support and track structure. If there is no LRT and increased B-line bus service on downtown streets, busy stops and their stop lanes will have to be re-paved in concrete. Concrete is a more robust material than asphalt when dealing with heavy vehicles and their constant repetitive wheel ware but much more expensive to put down and maintain. Concrete as a lane surface is quite necessary and common on real BRT systems, especially in the stop lanes and bus bay areas. The constant need to maintain these stretches of concrete were part of the very high maintenance costs in Ottawa's Transitways. Those lanes were resurfaced with concrete every 3-4 years at busy stops and every 5-7 years at all others. Mississauga put concrete on all lanes at stations on their new bus Transitway to avoid the extra damage that occurs to both surfaces at the concrete/asphalt transition zone.

Note the concrete "Pads" at Westboro Station on the Western Transitway (below)

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