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By Deleted User (anonymous) | Posted April 04, 2017 at 16:52:19 in reply to Comment 121079

What's not to like? Apart from increased car traffic and widened lanes to accommodate cars? Aberdeen traffic is predicted to rise by 60%. Removal of bike lanes? How does that grab you? Apart from that? There's the increased cost to run it. It's a half-truth that LRT is cheaper to run. It's only cheaper to operate as opposed to a bus when you need to maintain a consistent capacity along the line. The problem is that the B-Line has seasonal and time of day ridership. It's not consistently high. It drops mid-day and between April and September. However, you'll be running the train constantly. At that point the LRT costs more. If the ridership isn't there to justify constantly running the train then buses are cheaper. And relying on "if they build, they will ride" as a reason to build the LRT is just foolhardy. First you need the ridership, then you build the capacity. Otherwise Podunk, Wisconsin would be building subways. And HSR ridership is falling. This seems so straightforward.

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